Friday, November 23, 2012

Cakes in a Mug (beginning of Christmas gifts)

So this year for Christmas, a lot of people will be getting coffee cans (decorated of course) filled with different kinds of mixes in little bags. These are for 3-2-1 cakes in a mug. They're really easy, really cute, and work out great if you want cake in a single serving size.

The reason they're 3-2-1 cakes is simple - 3T of mix, 2T water, 1 minute in the microwave on high.

Go out and buy 2 cakes - an Angel Food cake and some other type. In this case, I used:

The Duncan Hines Angel Food mix was about $1 cheaper for a box than any other brand, so I got that. There was no store brand super-cheap Angel Food, or I would have gotten that. Cheap doesn't hurt anything in this is is your friend.

Next, dump both mixes in a bag or bucket. I chose to use the biggest cottage cheese container I could find, since it's more reusable than a ziploc bag.

Close the lid. Shake it up until it's all mixed thoroughly.

Your color will vary depending on what type of mix you match with the Angel Food.

Take 3T of the mix and stick it in a microwave safe coffee cup. Add 2T of water and mix it up. Microwave on high for 1 minute. Stick a bit of random mix-ins in there if you like. I put a broken-up mini candy cane in this one.

The cake will fill most of the mug. This one's small because I used the leftovers that didn't quite fill the little bags I used for individual mixes.

All gone. The only sad thing is, it sticks in the mug and takes a bit of soaking to clean easily. Ah well. They're cute, fun and easy to make.

Eventually I'll get some of the other mixes up here that I'm using for Christmas gifts as well. Chai mix, hot cocoa mix, mocha mix, etc. All in sugar version and Splenda version (mom and my brother's nanny are both diabetic). The chai also comes in regular and decaf versions, because my mom likes to drink her chai in the evening and decaf allows this with sleep to follow.

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