Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scrap Afghan and Plarn Purse (in progress)

I came across the coolest (to me, anyways) scrapghan on Ravelry about a year ago. It's a yo yo afghan. Use up a ton of tiny scraps too small for granny squares, make a blanket that doesn't have holes big enough for toes to poke through and ta-dah! Beautiful afghan. I'm kind of slow. I've only worked on it when I got a few spare minutes or in the truck between Louisiana and Oklahoma (we're in Oklahoma right now). So it's not too huge yet. I've got the yo yo's made, now it's just to put them together. Here's a work in progress picture of it. I like it, nice and warm for the little it is so far. I wasn't sure how much I was going to like it after I started looking at the yo yo's with all the colors touching. With the beige yarn connecting, though, it looks kind of stained glassy.

My other current work in progress (OK, one of my other) is something I got out of Interweave Crochet a year or so ago. I started it last Christmas while sitting in a deer stand because as much as I love hunting, I get bored easily. It's plain white plarn and brown variegated plarn. The white comes off of mostly WalMart or other such bags, the brown is from my aunt's Toys R Us shopping, Home Depot, Piggly Wiggly, and Albertsons for the most part. Some come from other stuff, some I've no clue where they're from.

The bottom of the bag is kind of funky right now. I think I may have messed up on the increases a bit, but once I put some stuff in it after it's done, the weight should rearrange it better/flatter. I've added a few more rows of the stair-steppy colors since this was taken. I like the brown and white together, it gives a nice tweed look.

This first one is with the picture in the magazine. You can kind of see the funky-ness of the bottom here.

And a closeup of the colors/pattern.

Hopefully this afternoon or tomorrow I'll get the stuff with black currants and mulberries up here. That's the other stuff I've been spending my time on. :)

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